• drafting and advising all types of contracts and other documents in the area of commercial law
  • elaboration of legal analysis
  • legal representation within court and executory proceedings following on from business relationships
  • out-of-court settlements of business disputes
  • enforcement of payable claims in extra-judicial, judicial and executory proceedings
  • ringing up and cession of debts
  • filing motions for execution proceedings to be ordered
  • providing legal counseling and solutions to various specific legal issues
  • following up on changes in legislation and consequent obligations arising thereof for clients
  • providing complete legal service to developers and real estate investors in realization of their projects


  • establishing of all kinds of business companies and their organizational parts
  • preparation of plenary sessions, other internal documents of companies, ensuring registration of changes in information registered in the Business Register (changes of registered seat, partners, statutory bodies, trading activities, transfers of ownership interests in business companies, increasing and decreasing of basic capital and other changes relating to business companies)
  • mergers, acquisitions, fusions and divesting of business companies
  • liquidation of business companies and their organizational parts
  • acquirement of licenses for business activities
  • providing relevant legal advice in matters of purchase of business companies and their parts, transfer of ownership interests in business companies including preparation of complete legal documentation, representation at the Registrar Court, the Trade Licensing Office or the Central Securities Depository


  • filing motions for bankruptcy proceedings to be ordered
  • registration of claims in bankruptcy proceedings
  • representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings
  • restructuring of business companies


  • drafting and advising all types of contracts and other documents in the area of civil law
  • writing, reviewing and amending of contracts and their drafts, elaboration of legal analysis
  • representation of client interests in front of courts in all types of proceedings according to the Civil Procedure Act.
  • settlement of ownership disputes
  • settlement of divided co-ownership
  • recovery of compensation of damage and unjustified enrichment
  • representation of clients in inheritance proceedings
  • legal advising and elaboration of guarantee documentation
  • elaboration of legal analysis, writing and presenting proposals, claims and other petitions
  • recovery of claims
  • representation in executory proceedings
  • out-of-court settlement of disputes
  • representation of clients in front of other third parties


  • providing legal service in the area of family law
  • legal advice and preparing agreements concerning the settlement of undivided co-ownerships of married couples
  • filing pleas for alimony to be adjudicated
  • representation in divorce proceedings
  • preparing of motions and other petitions according to Act No. 36/2005 Coll. Family Act as amended


  • elaboration and analysis of license contracts, contracts for work
  • providing legal service in the area of copyrights and industrial rights
  • representation of clients´ interests when protecting their rights resulting from their creative intellectual activity
  • representation in proceedings in front of the Office of Industrial Property
  • representation of clients´ interests in the process of registration of trademarks and patents


  • complete legal service in real estate transfers and lease of real estates
  • legal advice concerning risks relating to transfer, lease or building of real estates, establishing pledge and real burden
  • drafting and reviewing of contracts on transfers of real estates
  • representation in land registry and cadastre proceedings, registration of rights related to real estates
  • elaboration of legal analysis on ownership rights to real estate
  • legal service in settlement of neighbourhood disputes
  • representation in real estate cases
  • providing legal advice in land and building proceedings


  • providing legal consultancy services in the area of employment law
  • drafting and advising of employment contracts, agreements of termination of employment, employer’s or employee’s resignations and other legal actions according to Act No. 311/2001 Coll. the Labour Code as amended.
  • legal advice in the area of all types of termination of employment
  • representation in proceedings before court and other authorities relating to labour-law disputes
  • filing claims for compensation of damage
  • providing complex legal assistance to employers in the field of labour agenda


  • elaboration and advising of loan documentation and guarantee documentation
  • providing legal assistance to clients in the area of taxes, payments and other fees paid to the state authorities
  • drawing up specific claims and pleas
  • representation in tax proceedings, according to Act No. 511/1992 Coll. concerning the administration of taxes and tariffs and the changes in the system to the Territorial Financial Authorities, and before the Tax and Custom Authorities
  • legal counseling in the area of enforcement of guarantee rights


  • drawing up of specific pleas
  • representation in administrative proceedings, according to Act No. 71/1967 Coll., concerning administration proceedings (Administrative Procedure Code)
  • representation in separate proceedings, mainly cadastral, building, misdemeanour proceedings, trade proceedings, and other proceedings before the State Administration and Territorial Autonomy Authorities
  • legal actions to view the lawfulness of decisions made by the Administration Authorities, amendatory means against the decisions made by the Administration Authorities


  • formulation and submission of complaints
  • formulation of all written submissions, complaints, motions and amendatory tools
  • representation of the injured party in criminal proceedings